Warner Bros. Picks Up Film Rights to Chris Weitz’s The Young World


Warner Bros. seems to optioning novels left and right these days, especially when it comes to YA post apocalyptic trilogies. They announced recently that they have officially bought the rights to a new young adult novel called “The Young World” written by Chris Weitz. The film adaptation will be produced, directed, and adapted to the big screen by Weitz. Depth of Field will also produce, along with Andrew Miano.

The official plot description is as follows:

The Young World is the gripping first installment of a trilogy set in the not-so-distant future in a post-apocalyptic New York City following the catastrophic destruction of the world as we know it. An unknown trauma has left every child and adult on earth dead, but, for unknown reasons, teenagers are spared. Anyone between the onset of puberty and the age of twenty-one are in a world with no authority figures. And while that world would normally be a teenager’s fantasy, this world has no heat, running water, television, videogames, phones, or Internet. Teenagers are the heirs to a world brought back to the Stone Age, and now they must learn to master it in order to survive.

There is no word on who is eyed to star in the film or a projected release date for the movie.

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