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The CW is No Longer Developing the Wonder Woman Series


Women super heroes just can’t catch a break. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW has cancelled its plans to develop the Wonder Woman television series, “Amazon.” The show was planned to follow a young Diana of Themyscira.

“Amazon” was initially put on hold in July before being cancelled this year. The pilot was being scripted by Allan Heinberg. This is the second time a Wonder Woman series has been put on hold at the CW. In 2011, a “Wonder Woman” pilot with Adrianne Palicki in the lead was shot but never aired.

Thankfully, impressionable young ladies and various other superhero fans will still get to see Wonder Woman materialize in the upcoming film, Batman Vs. Superman. 

There are also rumors that a spinoff film is in the works for the heroine and/or a big screen Justice League feature film being planned.

Batman vs. Superman, which also stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne, enters production soon for a July 17, 2015 release.

New Trailer and Updates For Batman: Arkham Orgins


The upcoming Batman prequel game, “Batman: Arkham Origins” has offered a few updates recently as its impending release looms closer. The game, which is being developed by  Warner Bros. Games Montreal features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline occurring several years before the events of the games “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Batman: Arkham City.”

Taking place before the rise of Gotham City’s most dangerous villains and assassins, the game showcases a young, raw, unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career as a crime fighter that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight. As the story unfolds, witness identities being formed and key relationships being forged. Continue reading

Amazon Crowns ‘Hunger Games’ as Its Top Seller

The captivating Harry Potter series has been dethroned as Amazon’s best seller by The Hunger Games.

Amazon announced friday that Katniss Everdeen and co. have surpassed the wizards of Hogwarts as the company’s best selling series. The sales include print and e-book formats, making the “Hunger Games” trilogy Amazon’s best-selling series.

The Hunger Games was written by Suzanne Collins and has since captivated the world in both print and film.

Sara Nelson, the editorial director of books and Kindle at Amazon, said in a statement that since the debut of “The Hunger Games” in 2008, the series has “taken the world by storm, much as Harry Potter did a decade before.”

“Interestingly, this series is only three books versus Harry Potter’s seven, and to achieve this result in just four years is a great testament to both the popularity of the work and, we think, the growth in reading digitally during that time,” she said.

Sarah Gelman, a spokeswoman for Amazon, declined to produce specific sales figures. Kyle Good, a spokeswoman for Scholastic, the publisher of both series, said that Scholastic has 150 million copies of the Harry Potter series and more than 50 million copies of the “Hunger Games” series in print in the United States.

The second film adaptation of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire is scheduled to be released on November 22, 2013.

Most Highlighted Book Passages Come From The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games seemingly reigns over everything these days. Besides being the number one movie in the box office for four straight weeks, it also is sitting comfortably on bestseller lists everywhere. Along side those triumphs it can now add most highlighted passage, e-book style to its list of achievements.

Currently, according to the Kindle, a line from the second book of the trilogy is the most highlighted passage of all time.

“Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.”

The quote, which comes from Catching Fire, has been Highlighted by 17784 Kindle users as of today.

This line is nearly two times more popular than the second most highlighted passage, which is also from The Hunger Games trilogy. Surprisingly or not, most of the quotes on this list are from the mega-popular trilogy. In fact, 20 our of 25 passages on the list are from the series.

The list, courtesy of Amazon contain quotes such as:

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” Mockingjay
– The number 4 most highlighted passage and has been Highlighted by 8833 Kindle users.
We also have number 10 with:
“I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” The Hunger Games
– Highlighted by 7519 Kindle users
While the list includes some heavy moments from the novels, there are also some oddballs thrown in, that are surprisingly on the list.
“Maybe I’d think that, too, Caesar,” says Peeta bitterly, “if it weren’t for the baby.” Catching Fire
– Number 21 on the list and highlighted by 4928 Kindle users
I am not surprised these dominate another list. This trilogy has taken the world by storm and it isn’t finished yet with three more movies on the way.
You can see the full list from Amazon here to find out what other quotes from The Hunger Games made the list.