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Ant-Man Moved Up to Batman vs. Superman’s Old Release Date


Ant-Man has officially been moved up to take the place of Batman vs. Superman in the July 17th release slot. Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has been moved up two weeks from July 31, 2015

The cast list for the project is finally filling up. Paul Rudd has been cast as Scott Lang/ Ant-Man while Michael Douglas will play Hank Pym.

Ant-Man will be the first film in the “Phase Three” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will follow Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s May 1, 2015 release. The movie will be begin production early next year and is set to be directed by Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish.

Michael Douglas Cast as Ant-Man (And I Feel Conflicted)

37th AFI Life Achievement Award - Arrivals

Marvel has officially cast Michael Douglas the role of Hank Pym AKA Ant-Man in the upcoming movie. I guess Marvel didn’t listen to my pleas to cast Simon Pegg in the lead role. I feel conflicted.

Douglas will star opposite Paul Rudd (now confirmed to be playing Scott Lang) in the Edgar Wright film, set for release on July 31, 2015.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, said,

“With Hank Pym’s rich history in the Marvel Universe, we knew we needed an actor capable of bringing the weight and stature to the role that the character deserves. We felt incredibly relieved when Michael Douglas agreed to step into the part with the charm and fortitude he brings to every character he inhabits, and couldn’t be more excited to see what he will do to bring Hank Pym to life.”

Ant-Man will begin production soon in Georgia. It will be directed by Wright who also wrote the script with Joe Cornish. The film, which is supposed to launch “Phase Three” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will follow Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s May 1, 2015 release.

Wright also added,

“The idea that we have for the adaptation is to actually involve both… Henry Pym and Scott Lang,” Wright told SuperHeroHype some years ago in an interview that he confirmed this morning via Twitter is still accurate. “So you actually do a prologue where you see Pym as Ant-Man in action in the 60’s, in sort of ‘Tales to Astonish’ mode basically, and then the contemporary, sort of flash-forward, is Scott Lang’s story, and how he comes to acquire the suit, how he crosses paths with Henry Pym, and then, in an interesting sort of Machiavellian way, teams up with him.”