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Dexter Season 7 Details Update

As any truly devoted Dexter fan knows, each season’s cast additions are a very big deal. Everyone wants to know who will play the baddie. Thankfully, fans of the Showtime series may not have to wait much longer.

Ray Stevenson (The Punisher) has signed on for a recurring role in the show’s seventh season. This will mark Stevenson’s return to television acting after spending the last few years acting for film. It’s not unfamiliar ground for Stevenson, who is perhaps best known for his role as Titus Pullo in HBO’s Rome.

According to TVLine, Stevenson will play a “high ranking member of an Eastern European crime ring who arrives in Miami determined to learn who killed one of his associates.”

The importance of Stevenson’s role has yet to be established, but many are speculating that he could be the new season’s main villain. Along with Ray Stevenson, Calista Flockhart has also confirmed that she will guest star in season 7.

This comes fresh off the heels of executive producer Manny Coto’s interview with IGN, in which he promised this season would change up the show’s typical formula.

We’re going to do it fresh,” Coto said. “We’re always trying to come up with new things. There may be a big bad, there may not be. Debra might be the big bad. We don’t know. Or Quinn. We try to change things up. This is all speculation of course. But I can tell you that next year will be a change up to the formula. And the ‘big bad’ may take a form that we’re not used to.”

Will this form be Ray Stevenson, or is he destined to be just another blood slide in Dexter’s collection? For now the producers and actors are keeping mum about any spoilers for the upcoming season. As for the cliffhanger of Deb and Dexter, we do know that we get a small glimpse into their life up to this point via flashbacks in the first episode entitled, “Are you…?”

Showtime has also announced that “Dexter” was renewed for two more seasons, season 7 and 8, each consisting of 12 episodes. They also revealed that an overlaying story arc would be present across both seasons.

Season 7 will see the return of the main cast including:

  • Dexter Morgan: Michael C. Hall
  • Debra Morgan: Jennifer Carpenter
  • Angel Batista: David Zayas
  • María LaGuerta: Lauren Vélez
  • Vince Masuka: C.S. Lee
  • Joey Quinn: Desmond Harrington
  • Harry Morgan: James Remar



Dexter will return for season 7 on September 30, 2012.

7 Great Television Shows Based On Books


Books, comics, novels… they normally get made into movies. But occasionally they get made into television shows. Those shows are almost always amazing. Part of it has to do with the fact that a television show has a longer time span than a movie so more of the plot and details of its source material gets put in. And even sometimes, the show is better than the original.  In either case, here is a list of some of the greatest television shows that were once based on a novel or comic.

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4 Reasons Why Michael C. Hall Is Casting Perfection

If you’ve never read the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay, than you probably only know the world of the Michael C. Hall on the Showtime show, Dexter. But the series is actually based on the book. I will admit that, having read the series and seen the show, that I like the show more (but that’s a different article for a different time.)

Hall does a wonderfully fantastic job as Dexter. He is dark, he is foreboding, he is sexy and he is intimidating. He took a character in a book and turned it into the real thing. A real world that we get to watch every week.

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