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Official Cast Announced for Suicide Squad


After weeks of rumored casting, DC has officially announced the cast list for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Suicide Squad. The film is set to be directed by David Ayer and will release in theaters on August 5, 2016.

The cast is as follows:

  • Jared Leto – The Joker
  • Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn, the Joker’s deranged love interest and protégé
  • Will Smith – Deadshot, an assassin
  • Tom Hardy – Rick Flad, the squad leader
  • Cara Delevingne – The Enchantress

Suicide Squad follows a band of villains tasked with various governmental black ops missions to lessen their prison sentences.

Tom Hardy to Join Cast of DiCaprio’s Upcoming Western


Tom Hardy, also known as the sexiest man to ever rock a sweater vest, is currently in negotiations to join the cast of the film, The Revenant. The movie is reportedly a survival western based on the novel by Michael Punke.

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, the story recounts the horrific tale of frontiersman Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) who was a 36-year-old member of a fur-trapping expedition to the Rocky Mountains in 1823 when he was mauled by a grizzly. The group’s captain left behind two men — John Fitzgerald and the legendary Jim Bridger — to stay with Glass until he died from his injuries… but they didn’t. Fearful that Indians weren’t going to get them, Fitzgerald and Bridger stripped Glass of his weapons and equipment and fled. Glass didn’t die. Instead, the mutilated trapper crawled over 200 miles through the wilderness to find Fitzgerald and Bridger and exact his revenge.

Glass’s tale was also the basis for the 1971 western Man in the Wilderness. That film starred Richard Harris and John Huston.

According to a report from Vulture, Hardy’s role will be a supporting character but which character that is has not been announced.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be in the lead role and has been attached to The Revenant for years but only recently announced it would be his next movie.

Production will start begin September for a 2015 release.

Dark Knight Rises

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Blu-ray Dec. 4

Dark Knight Rises

I know its barely even Halloween season yet, but if you’re making your Christmas list for that special someone, remember that The Dark Knight Rises will be released to Blu-ray and DVD on December 4th. That’s plenty of time to get it wrapped up nicely and stuck under the tree.

You especially need to get your copy if you missed the epic comic book movie in theaters. Bane is the villain in the third and final team up of director, Christopher Nolan and Bat-actor, Christian Bale. They don’t call him the man who broke the bat without just cause.

Some details regarding the hot, December release have risen to the surface by way of a new press release. Let’s comb through some of the facts, shall we? Oh, and yes, that’s the official Blu-ray packaging artwork you see up above.

In addition to your typical single film DVDs, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group also plans to release the “Dark Knight Trilogy Limited Edition Giftset” this coming December. Now that sounds like a really great gift, provided the giftee isn’t a Bat-nut like myself, who already has copies of the previous two films. Also, keep in mind that in 2013 another gift set will be released called the “Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition”. Hmm. That one sounds even better. Warner Bros. is also developing an app for mobile devices. So, be on the look out.

When it comes to the stand-alone film, The Dark Knight Rises will be avialable in Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download.

One Bat-flavored perk will be available free of charge. There’s The Dark Knight Rises app for IOS 5.0 or higher compatible devices such as iPhone and iPad, and Samsung Galaxy devices including S2, S3, Note, Nexus and Tab (operating system requirements vary by device). This free app builds on what’s already out there. So if you already have the “TDKR: Gotham City’s Most Wanted” app, The Dark Knight Rises app will serve as an update to that one in two phases.

The first update is coming late in October and will include several interactive activities. One item is a photo application that lets users pop a photo of themselves into a Tumbler, a.k.a. Nolan’s version of the Batmobile. In fact, if you are really serious about giving other the impression you can wield one of those military beasts, there will also be a video application that will allow users to insert a Tumbler into their personal videos. Because no day at the beach is complete without a Tumbler.

The second update will hit the same day as the Blu-Ray, which is December 4. It’s supposed to add a second screen functionality to the existing app. This way, you can sync compatible mobile devices with the Blu-ray disc via BD-Live enabled Blu-ray players. They must be connected to the same Local Area Network; however, but if they are, there’s more exclusive bonus content to drool over. You’ll get things like film location information, Gotham City maps, trivia, photo galleries and making-of featurettes. The second screen app is especially inventive. It gives you the freedom to control playback of the film on your TV via the Blu-ray player. You can get The Dark Knight Rises app from iTunes and Google Play.

As for the film itself, the Blu-ray Combo Pack will retail for $35.99, but the single disc DVD will sell for $28.98. You aren’t paying much more for that combo. Consider, too, what you are getting for the price. The Blu-ray Combo Pack has got the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray and in standard definition on DVD. This Blu-ray disc in particular should be stellar thanks to the IMAX technology utilized here. Filmmakers actually mixed it with the 35mm format. They call it a hybrid and it should provide for stunning clarity. Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and the single disc DVD will also include UltraViolet, which allows the end user to download and instantly stream the film to just about any device, including compatible tablets and smartphones.

Keep an eye out for the “The Dark Knight Trilogy Limited Edition Giftset,” as I mentioned earlier. It comes with a nifty book that will be exclusive to the collection.

Once again, The Dark Knight Rises features a screenplay written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan, with a story by Christopher Nolan and wonder kid David S. Goyer. The all-star cast includes Oscar winner Christian Bale; Anne Hathaway as Catwoman; Tom Hardy as Bane; Oscar winner Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as beat cop John Blake.

Dark Knight Rises



– “THE BATMOBILE” DOCUMENTARY: Witness all five Batmobiles together for the first time in history. Dive deep into every aspect of the most awe-inspiring weapon in Batman’s arsenal as you journey through the birth and evolution of this technological marvel and cultural icon. (01:00)

– ENDING THE KNIGHT: A comprehensive look into how Director Christopher Nolan and his production team made The Dark Knight Rises the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend.

– Production
The Prologue: High-Altitude Hijacking
Return to the Batcave
Beneath Gotham
The Bat
Batman vs Bane
Armory Accepted
Gameday Destruction
Demolishing a City Street
The Pit
The Chant
The War on Wall Street
Race to the Reactor

– Characters
The Journey of Bruce Wayne
Gotham’s Reckoning
A Girls Gotta Eat

– Reflections
Shadows & Light in Large Format
The End of A Legend

– Trailers

– Art Galleries

– UltraViolet: Instantly stream and download films to compatible devices


– The Journey of Bruce Wayne

– UltraViolet: Instantly stream and download films to compatible devices


On December 4, The Dark Knight Rises will be available for download from online digital retailers including iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon, Vudu and CinemaNow.

The film is also available digitally starting December 4 in High Definition (HD) VOD and Standard Definition (SD) VOD from cable and satellite providers, and on select gaming consoles.


*UltraViolet allows you to collect, watch and share movies and TV shows in a whole new way. Available with the purchase of specially marked Blu-ray discs, DVDs and Digital Downloads, UltraViolet lets you create a digital collection of movies and TV shows. Services such as Flixster and VUDU allow you to instantly stream and download UltraViolet content across a wide range of devices including computers and compatible tablets, smartphones, game consoles, Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Restrictions and limitations apply. Go to ultraviolet.flixster.com/info for details. For more information on compatible devices go to wb.com/ultravioletdevices.



Blu-ray Combo Pack $35.99

Single disc Amaray $28.98

Bat Cowl package Blu-ray Combo Pack $39.99

The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray $52.99

The Dark Knight Trilogy DVD $38.99

Street Date: December 4, 2012

DVD Languages: English, Latin Spanish, Canadian French

BD Languages: English, Latin Spanish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese

DVD Subtitles: ESDH, Latin Spanish, Parisian French

BD Subtitles: ESDH, Latin Spanish, Parisian French, Brazilian Portuguese

Running Time: 165 minutes

Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language



Dark Knight Rises

Lawless Is A Film To See Again and Again – Review

Director: John Hillcoat

Based on The Wettest County in the World (2008) by Matt Bondurant.

Why are you interested in this adaptation?


I want to see this movie because John Hillcoat is directing it.  I cannot overstate how profoundly I love The Proposition.  I will probably watch every movie the man ever directs just to see if he can match that one, even if the brilliance of his Western was an accident.  Lightning can strike twice in the same place, right?  But I feel like The Proposition was not accidentally brilliant; I feel like The Road, his other directorial effort, will more likely turn out to be the anomaly in his catalogue of films. That movie was controlled by a studio who did not want to risk a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel’s adaptation on a film with “atmosphere.”  R rating or not, they weren’t going to allow any barbecued babies or long, lingering (what they thought the pleb’s would consider “boring”) shots of a burned out world, and that lack of those shots and details were what caused The Road to fail as a film.  So I would be interested in seeing it only because of the director.

However.  Other reasons:  Tom Hardy. Gary Oldman. Guy Pearce. Shia Labeouf. It’s pretty much a man-doberge cake.  Yum.


I’m actually not into gangster movies unless they’re directed by Guy Richie. They tend to be a little too much “reality” for me. The “reality” of just how horribly and creatively violent people can be. I also don’t like war movies. (Hyperbolic violence is my flavor. Tarantino. I like it when it is highly choreographed.)

HOWEVER, I’m a sucker for Piedmont movies about hillbillies because it’s where I’m from (ish). I enjoy parsing the accents. This is why I suffered through the bleakness of Winter’s Bone and gained a whole lot of respect for Jennifer Lawrence before the atrocity that was The Hunger Games put her on everyone’s map. Plus Gary Oldman. I’m also willing to let Tom Hardy mumble his way through another movie in my presence and to watch him and Shia mumble at each other while sweating. They’re basically both the same guy, right?

What would make it awesome?


It will be awesome if it lives up to my expectations as a proper follow-up to Hillcoat’s debut.  The reviews I’ve seen give me hope.  “Atmospheric” has been tossed about—a good sign.

So, for those of you who have not seen The Proposition, what I am looking for from this film is a beautifully framed, visually expansive movie with unapologetic brutality and thoughtfully gray morals.  No heroes, but no all-black villains, either.  And gloriously violent.  That combination of elements, well-constructed and well-executed, would catapult it to the top of my best films of the year so far list.


Aw hell, I don’t know! I saw the trailer, and it looks like it’s going to be hillbillies shooting gangsters and drinking moonshine. Sounds great! I take special joy in “period” movies that have really accurate sets and costumes. So, it will be awesome if everyone looks especially smelly.

What would make it suck?


It will suck if the movie is all action.  What makes any really epic revenge tale (which this one looks like it will be) great is the slow burn.  I am patient with films which take the time to breathe but bored by movies that should take the time for character/setting development and don’t. I mean, it’s one thing to give me a movie like The Raid: Redemption which sets up a plot inside of two minutes and proceeds to be nothing but action for the next 90—I’m fine with that.  What I’m not fine with is a movie that is more than gimmicky action but doesn’t take the time to develop anything; Public Enemies comes to mind as a recent disappointment in that style.


If all these non-Southerners (and non-American, sheesh!) really SUCK at their regional accents. That shit will send me right over the edge if I have to listen to True Blood style accent mangling. I’m talking Ewan McGregor (whom I love and adore, forever!) in pretty much any movie in which he was required to have an American or American Southern accent. WTF?

Additional thoughts on casting/production?


I’m really curious to see how Tom Hardy does playing an American, and if this role is a bit more nuanced for him than most of his recent ones have been…more of a character and less of a smart-ass action hero.  He sold me on his acting skills with Bronson and has not done much that required a stretch since.  I’m curious as well to see how Shia LaBeouf handles a grown-up part in a film made for grown-ups.  I will forgive him any number of Transformers sequels if they enable him to make artistic movies, and he turns out to have a knack for character work.

Nick Cave wrote the screenplay again (he also wrote the screenplay for The Proposition) and will no doubt have a hand in the scoring.  That makes me happy. Nick Cave is a weird dude of many talents and perversions, and his involvement ups the odds of my getting what I want from this movie.  Also I expect the music will be extra-fab with him arranging it.


Tom Hardy yada yada snore. I’m interested in seeing that kid from Holes do his best to pretend he was never in Indy 4 or Transformers 11. Gary Oldman is always a huge draw; it’s a pleasure to watch an actor like him transform himself. From the trailers I gather he’s going to be rather despicable, that’ll be fun!

Mostly I am seeing this movie because Elena wanted to, and I’m making her watch Dredd later this month so she’s making me see this one. Full disclosure, folks. You like it.

Reaction to film:



This movie was what I wanted it to be.  It was full of characters, it was richly set with beautiful, lingering shots of the back-hills scenery, it was shockingly violent, it was funny in ways a movie with this storyline has no business being funny…I just enjoyed every second of it and want to see it again already.

Lawless felt like the less awkward, more commercially viable cousin of The Proposition.  It had the film-making elements that made me love Hillcoat’s first movie so much, but it was less bleak, and less ambiguous as to who was hero and who villain.  And it was set in America in a time that is currently in vogue rather than making a Western out of the Australian outback.  So the gorgeous cinematography, the patient pace, the spot-on musical selections, and the unexpectedly quotable script were all there, but in a packaging that the average moviegoer will respond to.

I was surprised to see Rachel call this a gangster movie, because it seemed to me like more of a back-woods resistance fighter movie—if nothing else because the obvious heroes were not gangsters themselves.  This instinct turned out to be correct, as the Bounderant brothers were certainly not gangsters.  They made charming anti-heroes, of three local boys making good in what was theoretically an illegal operation but which the local law bought into, until they got bought by some townies.

Shia LaBeouf had the traditional coming of age arc, from trembling youth to suave and unrepentant outlaw.  He was fine in the role, though it didn’t seem like it held many challenges (nor was it meant to).  He shone in the comic moments, but probably the best scene was the climactic ending, perhaps because he was so effective in the more light-hearted moments.  Tom Hardy stole the show for me, though, as the taciturn Forest.  He said as much with grunts and “hm” as other characters did with monologues and soliloquies.  I thought the whole production was well-cast.  I didn’t notice anyone’s accent at all, so that tells me they were competently to well-handled, though I confess I don’t know enough about Virginia hill accents to tell you how nuanced the linguistic performances were.  I could have used more Gary Oldman just for the sake of more Gary Oldman in pinstripes and bowler hats, but he wasn’t really called for in the story.

As I hoped, the movie runs a slow burn to an epic conflagration, though it does have moments of conflict and action in the run-up that keep layering the tension and upping the ante.  Happily, the ending delivers on the promise of those scenes.  The violence never feels gratuitously gory, but it is shocking and visceral.  You don’t always see it coming, and even when you did the scene plays out in a way that wasn’t how you expected.  Hillcoat pulls no punches in those moments, and he excels in making you feel what is happening on-screen.  Can’t lie; I squirmed more than once.

Also the music was awesome. Not as weird as I expected, though the score is full of Cave’s consonant sounds to ratchet up the tension, but most of the music was traditional or intentional replicas.

All in all, Lawless succeeded for me on pretty much every level, and it has enough commercially friendly elements for me to give it an unqualified recommendation.


Hot damn, y’all! I liked it!

It’s beautifully filmed in what looks like North Carolina? It’s got old timey cars, rattletrap huts, sweaty hats, hypnotic hymnals, and A MAGICAL CARDIGAN. Yes, folks, this is not a film about bootlegger hillbillies in Virginia as you were promised. IT’S BETTER. It’s a film about a magical cardigan that renders its wearer immortal!

Yup! Mystery Solved! Frodo’s almost forgotten mithril armor has been forged anew! It is now The Cardigan of Immortality!!! Capable of keeping its wearer alive through all manner of plausibly red-neck near death experiences! Never knew a cardigan was standard issue during WWI, did ya?

Why, it is SO impressive that had Joey the War Horse been given a standard issue US Cardigan (oh, England!), the damn horse would have FLOWN around Europe in his search for the boy Albert, and we wouldn’t have had to sit through tedious friend-making in France or tank-vaulting in…Germany?

What was I talking about?

Oh Yea, Lawless. It was good. The accents weren’t half bad. Sometimes they got a little yeehaw, but for the most part I was OK with them. They weren’t exactly Piedmont accents, but they weren’t twangy bullshit noises, either! Huzzah!

Art direction was stellar. Acting was top-notch, though there was very little Gary Oldman (saaadness), and Tom Hardy didn’t have that many LINES, though his physical acting was great…except for when he tromp-walked around like Bane. Is that just how he walks? Shia played the same earnest kid he always does, but with a southern accent. Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska’s characters seemed tacked on for plot development, but their scenes were generally welcome respites from the grimy, sweaty gun-toting scenes.

Surprisingly this film has some genuinely funny moments. Tom Hardy’s character “Forest” is a man of sometimes comically few words. Enjoyable and well-made. It IS a little slow…but not tedious. The tension builds and builds and builds some more, and you squirm a little in your seat in horror of what is to come. I checked my watch exactly once at the hour and a half point just to see if I could make it until the end of the film without having to leave my seat. I have a hard time watching movies that keep you in that extended state of tension. Masterfully done.

If westerns and “gritty” anti-heroes with limited vocabularies isn’t your thing, then you can skip it. Gary Oldman makes only one gangster appearance, tommy-gun in tow. Guy Pearce’s villain is tragically forced in a cast of much more nuanced characters, but it has a satisfying ending (a surprise ending for me! I was sure it was going to be bleak) and a lovely romanticizing of 1920s hill country living. Less gangster and more Piedmont Western.

Let’s hope Elena can enjoy Dredd as much as I enjoyed Lawless!

Official Dark Knight Rises Website Fully Launches

The upcoming franchise finale film is less than a month away from hitting theaters with anticipating building every day and finally, Warner Bros has fully launched the film’s official website. TheDarkKnightRises.com is complete with downloadable stills, wallpapers, and more.

The third and final film in Christopher Nolan’s franchise will hit theaters and IMAX on July 20th with an all-star cast.

  • Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne / Batman:
A billionaire socialite dedicated to protecting Gotham City from the criminal underworld. Nolan has stated that, due to the eight-year gap between the events of The Dark Knight and those of The Dark Knight Rises, “he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state.”
  • Tom Hardy as Bane:
Hardy stated that he intended to portray the character as “more menacing” than Robert Swenson’s version of the character in Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin. Producer Emma Thomas says that Bane “is an interesting match for Batman after the Joker, who was just purely about chaos and playing with people. Bane has a plan.”
  • Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle:
Selina Kyle is “an associate” of Bane. 
  • Michael Caine also returns as Alfred Pennyworth:
Bruce’s trusted butler and confidant. Alfred has acted as a father figure to Bruce, and continues to aid Bruce on his missions as well as supplying him with useful advice.
  • Gary Oldman as James Gordon:
Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. One of the city’s few honest police officers. Oldman described his character: “He’s a little reminiscent of the Gordon you see in Batman Begins. They’ve tidied up the city, but there’s still work to be done. He’s very world-weary.”
  • Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox:
Fox runs Wayne Enterprises on behalf of Bruce Wayne and serves as his armorer, providing him with high-tech equipment.
  • Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate:
A “Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.”
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake:
Blake is a “Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon.”

Josh Pence and Liam Neeson both appear as Ra’s al Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows; Pence plays a younger version of the character in scenes set thirty years before the events of Batman Begins, while Neeson reprises his Batman Begins role in a cameo appearance. Other cast members include Nestor Carbonell reprising his role as Mayor Anthony Garcia; Alon Abutbul as Dr. Leonid Pavel, described as “a mad scientist”; Juno Temple as a “street-smart Gotham girl”; Matthew Modine as deputy commissioner Peter Foley; Brett Cullen as a judge; Chris Ellis as a priest; Aiden Gillen as a CIA agent; and Rob Brown, Christopher Judge, Tom Conti, and Joey King in unspecified roles.

The official plot of the film follows the aftermath of the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman assumes responsibility for Dent’s crimes to protect Dent’s reputation and is subsequently hunted by the Gotham City Police Department. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman returns to Gotham, where he encounters the mysterious Selina Kyle and the villainous Bane, and must confront the latter’s plans to destroy the city.

You can also see a brand new HD tv spot for the movie below:

Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises

Gotham City Throws Down with Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises

The weather might have been cold but the action was hot and heavy over the weekend on the set of The Dark Knight Rises as Batman took on Bane and the citizens of Gotham took on the police. Even Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman was prowling around the scene. The pics and vids might get a little spoilery so don’t continue if you want to be surprised.

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