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One Day – And Hopefully Never Again (A Review)


Ok, I am a girl, and I love love stories, and romantic comedies, and heartfelt indie dramas that focus on the true depth of love and life. I mean I am still pretty awesome but there isn’t a girl out there (almost) who doesn’t like to sit down to a romantic movie every once in a while.

So I picked up the book, One Day written by David Nicholls, and began to read. This book did become a movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (another reason I wanted to do this review is because Jim Sturgess is pretty…. Awesome).

I read the book first, then when I was done, (and promptly cried afterward) then I watched the movie. I have to say that I was severely disappointed. It was awful. If I had watched this movie alone without reading the book, I would have loved it. However, the book was a million times better and the movie ultimately faltered to capture the love, chemistry and spirit of reality of the book. Continue reading

Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises

Gotham City Throws Down with Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises

Anne Hathaway, Selina Kyle, Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises

The weather might have been cold but the action was hot and heavy over the weekend on the set of The Dark Knight Rises as Batman took on Bane and the citizens of Gotham took on the police. Even Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman was prowling around the scene. The pics and vids might get a little spoilery so don’t continue if you want to be surprised.

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